7 Browser Extensions That Can Save You Money When You Shop Online

Browser Extensions for cash back

In the era of online shopping, most people try to find the best deals or search for discounts or coupon codes. But we all know this requires times and in most cases, we do not have it. And here come the cash back browser extensions – they will automatically locate promo codes for you, manual searches have gone the way of the flip phone.

Here we’ll show you 7 browser extensions that can save you time and money by locating online promo codes, comparing prices or even suggesting you the right rewards credit card to use.

What is browser extension?

With the browser extension expands the functions of a web browser and make it more powerful. Browser extensions are plug-ins you can download from the web browser’s stores like Firefox, Chrome or Safari extensions, and almost any web browser — and most are free. Make sure you always download browsers extensions or also called addons from the official browser extension stores, otherwise you may run into suspicious and not trusted plugins.

These are our top picks for best addons extensions for online shopping you can use to take advantage of online coupons, track the best price, and even get cash back on your purchase.

Best browser extensions for saving money when you shop online

1. Ebates

Ebates or Rakuten is a cash-back website that calls its browser extension the Cash Back Button. lets users get cash back directly from the store’s website by activating it and automatically apply coupon codes at checkout .

Ebates partners with over 2,500 stores to get you cash back when you shop online. It helps you with coupons, promo codes, free shipping alerts, and cash back when you shop at one of its affiliate partner stores.

Any cashback you received you can get  by check or Paypal.

It is one of the best addons and it keeps track of all savings and how much you’ve earned, it searches for the best coupons and promo codes to use. The Ebates Button alleviates this problem by flashing red when you’re browsing a site with cash back opportunities and reminding you to click to activate the cash back.

When your friend joins via a personalized link and spends at least $25, you get $25 and your friend earns $10.

Redeeming your cash back is simple. As long as you have earned at least $5, you’ll receive a check in the mail or PayPal payment every three months.

Right now, you earn a $10 bonus just for signing up!

The Ebates has extensions for all major browsers.

Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari

2. Honey

HoneyHoney automatically searches the web for promo codes and coupons when you shop online. The extension works with over the astonishing number of 40,000+ retailers and compares prices across multiple websites and merchants, including Amazon. What’s even cooler is that the plugin even lets you know when product prices will drop. When Honey is installed, you will see a popup in the checkout phase at any eligible online store. Just click the popup and Honey will try out all known coupon codes and automatically apply the best one.

Honey can automatically apply coupon codes at checkout and find the one code that gets you the most savings and gives you “Honey Gold” points that can be redeemed for free gift cards. Also, you can earn bonuses for referring friends and offers cash back on select transactions.

Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari

3. Wikibuy

Wikibuy is a browser plugin simialr to Honey and is available and there are mobile app versions available. For coupon savings in the shopping cart, Wikibuy looks to be more powerful than Honey in many aspects. Wikibuy is powered by a community of over 1 million users who share prices and coupons found in real-time while they shop. When a coupon code works for one person, the next person gets that code applied at checkout, automatically.

Wikibuy website gives you options to shop by store or buy the product for savings and points that can be redeemed for gift cards or a big list of products.

With one click, the extension applies the best code at checkout.

Wikibuyers also earn loyalty rewards at stores like Walmart, eBay, and Macy’s. The credits you earn can redeemed for gift cards on Wikibuy.com. Check out the reviews. It’s real and it works. There’s no cash back to claim. You will simply apply the credits to future purchases.

Wikibuy also offers prices drop alert feature.

Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari

4. Goodshop Fetch Button

Goodshop’s version of an online shopping tool is Gumdrop by Goodshop. Goodshop is a coupon search engine that looks for the best deals that will save you the most money on your purchases and donates a portion of eligible member purchases to the shopper’s school or charity of choice.

Once you downloaded the extenson you’ll see a flashing icon in your toolbar, which will illuminate if the retailer you’re browsing has a coupon available. Just remember that you have to click activate the coupons at checkout. Also, you’ll be able to see the available donation percentage for a given store. Gumdrop by Goodshop donates a portion of most of your transactions to the charity or school of your choice, from over 114,000 nonprofits and schools.

Gumdrop by Goodshop has partnered with more than 45 000 online stores!

The extension applies coupon codes and savings automatically.

It not only saves you time and money but also allows you to do some good by donating to a charity of your choice.

Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari

PriceBlink automatically scans scans more than 11,000 stores for lower prices and find you the best coupons. It also lets you compare prices across thousands of websites, read customer reviews, and create a wishlist for items and adds shipping costs and sales tax to your total purchases, so you can see how much you would be spending on the entire transaction before you buy. The extension works only for online retailers in the U.S. and the UK.

Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari

6. Coupons at Checkout

Coupons at Checkout is another browser plug-in with over 100,000 online marketplaces in its database. When you’re shopping online you can look to see whether the promo code box has turned red and click on the box to see available codes and apply them to your order.
The Coupons at Checkout plug-in drawback is that it doesn’t apply the codes automatically to your orders.

Available for: Google Chrome

7. Couponcabin Sidekick

CouponCabin Sidekick looks for any available coupons you can use for your purchases. It works with over 18,000 online retailers and it can help you to earn up to 10 percent cash back. The plugin even offers $2 for free, just for adding it to your browser.

Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari

A great option for comparing cash back is Cashbackholic.

These browser extensions search thousands of online retailers for deals and discounts so you don’t have to. To start saving, you just need to download the plug-in for your browser.

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