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CRM Software and project management are important in order to achieve business goals and more and more companies are recognizing it.

CRM stands for customer relationship management that manages current and potential customer’s interactions with the company. It improves business relationships with customers by using data analysis about customers’ history with a company, specifically focusing on ultimately driving sales growth and customer retention.

Below we’ll take a look at the top CRM software for 2020 that can help you grow your business and improve the relationship with your customers.

Top CRM Software for 2020


Photo: HubSpot

HubSpot is an award-winning, leading growth, software platform having over 50000 customers from over 100 countries. A business growth solution necessary for any size company is the Hubspot CRM software.

A free CRM software that is available for use at any time is offered by Hubspot also. Hubspot is founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, back in 2005, and since then it established and grew well-known in the CRM space. Today it employs over 3,200+ employees.

Its valuable insights into each stage of the funnel activity and marketing sales with a user-friendly interface that provides real-time monitoring of the sales pipeline.

The paid version starts at $50/month, while the Professional Plan starting at $800/month, but you can also use a free version.


  • Salesforce Integration
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Blogging
  • Analytics
  • Email
  • Over 300 app integrations
  • And more
  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Management
  • Website SEO
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Ads


Salesforce CRM Software
Photo: Salesforce

Salesforce launched back in 1999, and since then it continues its steadily grown and expand its features. It is a cloud CRM software platform focused on improving the customer relationships as well as sales. It can be implemented well into small, midsize, and enterprise organizations.

Their CRM software grow so big through the years and began to split into separate, specialized categories, where depending on your needs, you can choose a price package and utilize their Marketing, Sales tools.

The platform can help you with your customer relationship management, your advertising, marketing, operations and offer insights and forecast based on your data. 

The pricing plans depend on the number of features you will be needing. Small businesses and startup companies may fit into $25/user/month. Medium-sized businesses that require more advanced CRM functions and may fit into $75/user/month.


  • Contact Management
  • Workflow Creation
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Intuitive, Mobile-Ready Dashboard
  • Email Integration
  • Sales Leads Monitoring
  • And more
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Task Management
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Leads Monitoring
  • Social Media Integration
  • Sales Forecasting

Monday com
Photo: was previously known as Dapulse, rebranded itself in 2017 to give the platform a new look and experience. Monday is a powerful CRM software that helps organize, plan, and track everything in our company. lets you see different visualizations for Pulses without having to switch between browser tabs or pages or frequently. task management tool and team management allow easily to manage multiple projects across different departments in your company. 

Over 140 countries in 200 industries with over 100,000 teams use Monday. This CRM software offers an extremely intuitive interface with color-coded labels. You have the ability to integrate popular external tools from Slack, Jira, Gmail, Mailchimp, and others. comes in four different tiers, and you can start with a 14-day free trial to get a feel for it. The Basic plan starts from $17/month for 2 users.


  • Sales pipelines
  • Recruitment processes
  • Progress tracking
  • Business processes
  • Design planning
  • Bug tracking
  • and more
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Video production planning
  • Product roadmaps
  • Construction planning
  • Event management

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM
Photo: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based business management platform that can help businesses of all sizes grow their revenue. Some of its features include sales and marketing automation, CRM analytics, and workflow management,

Zoho offers a very simple to use interface and allows users to create tickets, and create special or required fields. It allows users to integrate with other third-party systems such as WordPress, G Suite, MailChimp, Evernote, Unbounce and more.

Zoho serves over 15 million users worldwide and provides over 33+ products so you can focus only on your business, and let Zoho help you with your marketing, sales, finance and recruitment needs.

Zoho CRM offers four paid plans ranging from $0 to $100 per user per month.


  • Mobile CRM
  • CRM Workflow Management
  • Website Integration with Forms
  • Effective Follow-up
  • Account Management
  • And more
  • Social CRM
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Autoresponders


Photo: Pipedrive

Pipedrive was founded in 2010 by salespeople and it is a sales pipeline management tool. Almost every aspect of the system is customizable based on user preferences. 

More than 100,000 sales teams around the world. Very easy to use and customizable with and friendly interface. Clear, easy-to-navigate from company to lead to a deal. 

Pipedrive makes it possible to design the best sales strategies and obtain excellent results. It offers really handy features such as sales reporting and forecasting and comes with mobile apps for Android and iOS.

It also supports integrations with other software such as MailChimp, Google Apps, and Zapier, and more. Its mailing system can be integrated into email service providers including Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. The price starts at only $15/month per user and goes up to $99/user/month. There is a free trial for each plan.


  • Goal Setting & Reporting
  • Mobile Apps
  • 24/7 Support
  • Sales reporting
  • Google Apps integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Powerful API
  • And more
  • Email integration
  • Timeline view
  • Email tracking
  • Reliable and safe
  • Simple data import & export
  • Full Customization


Photo: Zendesk

Zendesk is established in 2007 in San Francisco. Zendesk CRM services include Guide, Support, Chat, Talk, and Connect. Zendesk CRM offers full services of a traditional CRM, but it also offers additional apps that can help you to focus on customer service. 

With its cloud-based help desk management solution which includes customizable tools, you can create a customer service portal. Some of the biggest and well-known companies in the world such as Airbnb, Uber and Shopify are using Zendesk. 

It can help businesses from different industries with clients from financial services, healthcare, retail clients, and enterprise clients. Zendesk provides easy ways to capture and visualize data. It comes with forecasting tools such as prebuilt forecast reports, close rate prediction, and conversion estimation. 

Zendesk pricing starts at $5.00 per month, per user and there is a free trial. They do not have a free version.


  • Integrations with 3rd party apps
  • Public and private forums
  • Export ticket views to CSV
  • Robust reporting
  • Group rules and macros
  • And more
  • Multi-channel support
  • Native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Automated workflow
  • Advanced analytics
  • SSO with Twitter, Facebook, Google
  • Increase conversion
  • Screencasting


Photo: Copper

Copper is CRM for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps them find a better way to manage leads & grow customer relationships. It serves businesses in over 110 countries around the world.

It is super customizable and has allowed our remote team to work more efficiently and effectively. Copper CRM software automates the data entry process. It can easily integrate with G-Suite and Gmail.

Copper CRM tool offers also has a free Google Chrome extension that can also seamlessly utilizes Google Calendars and Hangouts for better connectivity and planning.

CopperCRM includes pipeline reporting and visualization, lead management tools, and some automation functionalities.


  • Email Open Tracking
  • Bulk Email Sending
  • Basic Reporting
  • Leaderboard
  • Multi-Currency
  • Email Templates
  • And more
  • API
  • Goal Tracking
  • Task Automation
  • Lead & Activity Insights
  • Native Mobile Application
  • Sales Forecasting

If you want to start with a free CRM software you can check our post about Top Free CRMs for 2020.

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