7 Best Financial Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Financial Affiliate Programs

Financial affiliate programs are usually well-paying. Having a blog in the financial niche gives you many options to promote affiliate links from Financial Affiliate Programs.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs you can join in the financial blogging niche.

We’ve gathered everything you need in one easy place for your affiliate blog, top-paying networks, programs to monetize your blog or tips and tricks on how to improve your financial freedom.

Top 7 Financial Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Below we’ll show you some of the top financial affiliate programs for bloggers looking to monetize their blogs.

Personal Capital Affiliate 

Personal Capital drives your site traffic to PersonalCapital.com, which leverages technology to bring everyone the wealth management services

This program is geared towards individuals and households with $100K+ in investable assets that are searching for SEC-registered advisors they can trust their future with.

A lead is commissionable when a new user registers for Personal Capital and links financial accounts with a sum of assets exceeding $100,000 at PersonalCapital.com

Affiliate Commissions: $100 per new user who links a financial account.

TurboTax Affiliate Programs

TurboTax is one of the top-rated, best-selling tax products that you can offer your customers to do their taxes with TurboTax Affiliate Programs.

In just four quick months-from January to April when the file taxes are happening you can get substantial commissions. You can earn commissions from people who purchase TurboTax Online state and federal tax returns from links on your website. This is an easy way for people to file their tax returns or just prepare them and for you to earn commission from this great financial affiliate program.

You can join the program at no cost to you and help your employees or customers to file their taxes faster. Directly into TurboTax, your customers or employees to instantly import tax-related data, like W-2s and 1099s using the program TurboTax Import.

Affiliate Commissions: 15% per sale.

Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Ally Invest offers self-directed trading investment options and a managed portfolio to investors.

The Ally Invest affiliate program provides your site traffic with a safe and simple way to buy and sell stocks. Ally Invest is an online broker that provides low, flat trading fees with no minimum account requirements and no hidden fees.

You can maximize your site traffic earning potential by promoting Ally Invest’s fair and simple pricing. There are no account minimums, so every user can trade as much or little as they want. Anyone who opens an account can use their award-winning tools suite.

Affiliate Commissions: $25 – $50 per lead 30% commissions on all Trader Development courses.

LifeLock Financial Affiliates Program

Your site visitors can gain access to LifeLock.com from the LifeLock financial affiliate program, which is known on the web as one of the highest regarded sources for proactive identity theft protection services. 

Consumers who are seeking to keep their personal information secure or believe that they are at risk of or have been affected by identity theft are most suited for this program.

They’re a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection services for consumers and identity risk and creditworthiness assessment for enterprises.

Affiliate Commissions: Up to $110 per sale

Lending Tree Affiliate Program

Lending Tree is America’s largest online lending marketplace. It connects borrowers with multiple lenders.

Competitive rates and terms across an array of financial products can be used by borrowers to shop and compare via LendingTree. You get the most competitive offers because lenders are competing for your business. 

Established in 1996, LendingTree is based in Charlotte, N.C.

Affiliate Commissions: Up to $70 per lead

CIT Bank Affiliate Program

CIT Bank helps small businesses to quickly access the funds they need to keep business running smoothly. 

CIT Bank is still going strong and in its history has overcome has survived multiple depressions and recessions. Their financial products include personal loans and savings accounts, mortgages, and also commercial financing options.

CIT Bank doesn’t have any physical locations. They are spread over 30 industries with over one million business clients. 

Affiliate Commissions: $100 per lead

Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Credit Repair offers an exclusive affiliate opportunity for you that can let you earn for advertising the nation’s leading provider of credit repair services Credit Repair.

 They are dedicated to helping you develop a healthier relationship with your credit. 

They are focused on empowering people to make a significant, long-lasting lifestyle change that can give you access to your financial dreams.

Affiliate Commissions: 20% – 30% per lead.

For more great affiliate programs and tools that can make you money check some of our other posts in the Resources section.

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