9 Websites Where You Can Make Money by Listening to Music

Make Money Listening to Music

Are you seeking a way to make money by listening to music? Would you like to combine your hobby listening to music and get paid? Probably you haven’t heard that you can get paid to listen to music online. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite websites to make money by listening to music or to listen to the radio.

Yep, you may not believe it but some websites will actually pay you for listening to your favorite tracks on the radio, or ranking brand-new music.

This is just another fun way we want to show you how you can make some extra cash per month. And it is very simple!

Let’s start making money by listening to music.



Photo: SliceThePie

Slicethepie is the largest paid review site on the internet. You earn cash for every review you leave! They offer you to write your feedback besides music, also on clothing and the good thing is that you are helping artists, record labels and brands to make decisions.

After registration, you have to spend a few minutes filling out your music dislikes and likes before you actually start. With SlicethePie you have the option either to withdraw the amount you’ve earned or invest it in new bands.

You can listen to the track minimum for 20 seconds but the part that actually pays you is to write the review. The better the review is the more you’ll earn.

Depending on the quality of your reviews, you can get between 2 cents to 20 cents per review.

Hit Predictor

Photo: Hit Predictor

Hit Predictor pays $1 for 3 accepted reviews. With HitPredictor your feedback is valuable for new singles before they are official. You earn points based on your reviews, which later you can exchange for Amazon gift cards.

You can collect bonus points making money by listening to music if you write a certain number of reviews for a specific period of time.

After your registration, you select your favorite style of music. You can earn extra points for answering polls and referring your friends.

You can exchange your points also for raffles for gift cards, CDs, DVDs, or $50-$100 iTunes gift cards.


Photo: songpeople

SongPeople is a UK based company, where you can start making money by listening to music and it pays you to listen to music and give your feedback to the artist. Similar to Hit Predictor, you’ll earn points, which later can exchange for Amazon gift cards.

You’ll receive an email when new tracks are available for you to listen, give your feedback, and get paid!


Photo: InboxDollars

InboxDollars is open to anyone 18 years and older and it is another website where you can start making money by listening to music. You get paid to listen to music with RadioLoyalty with points which later you can cash.

The good thing is Inbox Dollars offers lots of ways to earn money such as take surveys, watch videos, check your email, surf the web, play games, and try special offers. 

This way you can easily reach $30 which is the minimum you need to earn in order to cash out.

The site is definitely worth signing out and when you listen to InboxDollars radio you’ll need to enter a CAPTCHA when prompted to confirm you are not a bot.


Photo: Musicxray

Musicxray has over 1,000 songs & acts selected for opportunities each month. It is a popular site for people to make money by listening to music.

People from the United States make earn more from the site. You have to create a profile and choose the type of music you like and favorite artists. When you set your profile you’ll start receiving emails with music to listen to based on your selections in your profile and start making money by listening to music.

Musicxray allows you to earn $.10 for listening to a song. You have to listen a minimum of 30 seconds from the track to earn that. 

You can get paid via Paypal when you reach a minimum of $20.


Photo: RadioEarn

RadioEarn is internet based radio that lets you choose what you want to hear and get you while you get paid to listen to live radio.

The way how RadioEarn operates is you hear ads every few minutes and it gives a portion of that revenue coming from the ads to its listeners. For listening, you get points every 15 minutes which can be redeemed for cash sent to you via direct deposit or Paypal or gift cards.

Anywhere in the world, you can join their program and Make Money by Listening to Music.


Photo: Research.fm

Research.fm is a music research company that uses your opinions to advise local radio stations about what music to play.

They have also an app you can install on for your Android or iPhone device. Research.fm sends you via emailed surveys to provide feedback on new songs. You can redeem the amount accumulated by purchasing Amazon gift cards, once you earn enough money.

The founders of research.fm began their research careers conducting radio research over the phone.


Photo: FusionCash

FusionCash offers a wide variety of tasks that you can earn money, including listening to Radio Loyalty from your computer, as well. You can listen to music, watch videos, take surveys, refer friends, complete offers.  You also get a $5 sign up bonus and when you reach $25 you can request a payout via Direct Deposit, Check or PayPal.

Aside from listening to online radio, you can earn money by filling out surveys, completing offers, and referring to others. The minimum cashout amount is $25.

FusionCash a community online where everybody can join and find answers and tips from other members on how to maximize your earnings.

PlaylistPush Make Money by Listening to Music Photo: PlaylistPush

PlaylistPush pays you to listen and review songs, and if you like them, you can consider adding it to one of your playlists.

This platform allows users to earn money with their playlists from audio streaming & music platform such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, and Deezer.

You NEED to have real followers and at least 400 followers to your playlists in order to be approved.

Once your account reaches $20 they sent out payment through PayPal. You can make as much as between $1-$12 per song review.

Final Thought 

These sites you can start making money by listening to music but you’ll make some small pocket cash, but you can’t rely on them for good side cash.

If you are looking into ways to build a passive income online a good way is to build a blog and start making money from advertising and affiliates. In the beginning, you have to invest time to build the site, but once you do that and start getting traffic this will be a good source of a passive income.

In the meantime, If you want to earn more, you can try other options like watching videos and get paid or use a part-time job offers websites where you can combine your passion or skills and make some extra income.

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